Doom 3

Doom 3

A 3D action agme about a demon invasion on Mars
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id Software

Play as a space marine trying to survive on a Marian research base attached by demons from a portal to Hell. Use multiple weapons to defeat enemies like imps, demons, zombies, etc. Read documents and discover the backstory. Multiple difficulty levels are available.

Doom 3 is essentially a remake of the original Doom. In this new sequel you will play as a nameless, voiceless 22nd-century space marine called by the Union Aerospace Corporation to its Mars research facility to face a set of with mysterious problems.

Over the course of the game, players go through a series of linear levels filled with locked doors, and gradually find new weapons and from time to time meet new types of monsters.

Doom 3's appearance is extremely dark; most of the time your entire field of vision is shrouded in thick, black shadow.

There is a good amount of weapons available throughout the different levels but unfortunately none of them are completely satisfying to use.

Other great features of Doom 3: players will be frequently able to manipulate computers and other terminals just by walking right up to them and using the mouse to click on them.

In general, Doom 3 is a good-looking game, and running around the diverse environment may turn into a worthy experience. Besides, the environments offer some interactivity: certain boxes can be knocked over, and, as mentioned, certain computers can be used, but most of the visible objects cannot be manipulated at all.

Doom 3's audio is quite impressive, but not nearly like the graphics.

The game supports only up to four players on a handful of maps and in a small number of different deathmatch-style modes.

Mariano Delgado
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  • Excellent graphics and general appearance


  • The weapons are not very useful most of the time
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